Archive - paintings, aquarells, drawings


In my work as an artist I use a wide range of materials and techniques, but mainly I work with oil and acrylic paints. I use almost no preliminary sketches and drawings, but apply the colors directly to the canvas. I also use acrylic sprays in my most recent work.
During the years of my architectural studies and my predominant activity as an architect, I also got to know the characteristic means of expression of the architectural profession. These are manual drawings and models as well as computer drawings in 2D and 3D, computer 3D models and visualizations. In addition, of course, I also use a number of graphics programs and image processing software. I thought this mostly technical activity would limit my artistic freedom, but that wasn't the case. In the long breaks from painting to painting, so much energy was accumulated that the best and strongest works that I have ever made were then created. Of course, the new things looked different after pauses of several months or years. This explains the diversity of my artistic work.
In recent years I have consistently developed a few series: "Black & White in Context", "Old and New", "The New Reality" etc. The pauses between the paintings are becoming shorter and shorter and the technical architectural activity remains in the background ... This cyclicality gives me the opportunity to develop myself equally in both activities, which seems to be characteristic of me.